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Cactus Crossbody Phone Case

Green Crossbody Phone Case Singapore
Green Crossbody Phone Case Singapore
Crossbody Phone Case in Joo Chiat Singapore
Green Crossbody Phone Case Singapore Blogger
Singapore Crossbody Phone Case in Green
Shop Crossbody Phone Case in Green
Green Phone Lanyard Singapore
$24.50 SGD $35.00 SGD

A Pop of Cactus  

Picture stepping into the quaint villages of Southern Italy, with its rustic walls & buildings an exquisite palette of white, broken only by the abundant local vegetation of cactus trees. The warmth, pop of life, and vitality that the green cactus brings to the contrasting white mediterranean setting was the design inspiration for our Cactus Crossbody Phone Case.

We reach for the Cactus Crossbody Phone Case when we need a touch of vibrancy in our lives. The bold yet calming colour goes with almost every outfit in our wardrobe - adding a lively finishing touch to otherwise muted basics, and blending in naturally with more colour forward pieces.

No matter the style, the Cactus Crossbody Phone Case brings a calming to our soul with its easy wearability & fuss-free strap. Perfect for the busy Mom or sleepless student, it adds ease & practicality to our otherwise go-go lives.

What to wear it with:

  • Khaki jumper or tan trousers
  • Colour blocking separates
  • Beige, white or nude dress
  • Denim jeans
  • Yellow top or jungle themed dress!

    About BerlinBondi Phone Necklaces:

    BerlinBondi cell phone necklaces are not only the perfect accessory to any outfit, but they are also functional & necessary for the modern busy life. Trust us, we can’t live without ours now!

    The BerlinBondi Crossbody Phone Case is designed for every one of us - the fast-moving career woman, busy, on-the-go mom, happy photo-snapping traveler, everyday student - you name it. We’ve designed it to fit comfortably around the neck and drape neatly down your side or across the front, for easy on-the-go access no matter what the task. No more scrounging around in your bag or asking a friend to ‘call your phone’ - your phone will always be within hands reach.

    The best bits:

  • The phone lanyard is adjustable meaning you can decide how you wear it
  • The phone case is nearly invisible, blending effortlessly with your phone & outfit
  • Shockproof housing adds extra protection to your precious phone
  • Weather & wear resistant which is perfect for outdoor activities
  • Less bag rummaging, No more cracked screens; no more dropping in toilets! (Is that only us?)

    The finer details:

  • Shockproof TPU, PC housing to reduce fall impact
  • Crystal clear phone case is flexible but stable
  • High quality hollow braided cord made from polypropylene multifilament fiber PPM 
  • The phone lanyard does not get dirty quickly and is weather & wear resistant 
  • Lightweight phone lanyard with a diameter of ca. 6 mm
  • Non-toxic certified (OEKO-TEX)


    Kindly note:
    Even though the crossbody phone case has a shockproof TPU housing which is flexible but stable it does not guarantee 100% protection for your mobile phone. Phones may obtain scratches from small particles that stray into the case or split rings. Please handle with care at your own risk. 

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