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BerlinBondi was born out of a love for design, style & practicality. Our little clever phone necklace brings a bit of ‘oomph’ to our outfits while adding a much-needed ease and functionality to our everyday lives.

And since the first time we wore one, we felt we could never be without it! Through our collection, we want BerlinBondi to become a representation of you and your style. That’s why we spent hours on hours designing each phone necklace with colourful mood boards and memories. Each phone necklace represents a bespoke style & experience, meant to add a little something extra to your everyday lives.
With their practical use (we still lose our keys, but we’ll never lose our phone!) & sleek design, they’ve become a staple to our wardrobes, and we can’t waitfor them to find themselves in yours.

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